No I don’t live on another planet, but I just got around to checking out A9 today.

A9 is Amazon’s new search engine. It’s based on Google, but they add other features that they think are interesting.

They actually provide 7 reasons why we should use A9. None of them really convince me though, especially saving my search history, how could that be a good thing?

I like the colours they used for this site though.

They also offer a toolbar which does what most search engine toolbars do from highlighting search words to linking to site info to blocking popups.
One thing this one has that the others don’t is a diary feature that lets you take notes on any web page you visit, and reference them whenever you visit that page, on any computer that you use.
Nice, but not something I’d actually need.

All in all, I don’t think it brings much more to the search engine scene, just more sponsored links and distraction from the actual search results.
I can also imagine how many sticky situations it’s history feature will put some people into 😛

Something I’m interested in though is the name. What does A9 stand for?
Does anyone have a clue?

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