Terror in Madrid

What happened in Madrid yesterday was really bad.
So many people dead and a lot more injured. Truly sad.

It’s always sad when innocent human lives are wasted. And I wish we were in a better world where things like this never happened.

The Spanish government’s main suspect is the ETA group that has attacked before in the past and that wants independence for the Basque region.
Anyway a second line of investigation is going into whether there was a muslim link to the operation.

They say they found a van with detonators and a tape with Koranic verses on it. Plus a foolish group of known liars who claim they are related to Al Qaeda (Although intelligence sources have said time and again that they aren’t and that they’re just some people fooling around) are saying that they’re behind the attack.
So, basically there still is no strong link or evidence pointing at any Islamic group being involved.

Honestly, I truly hope that no one with any link to Islam is anywhere behind this.
It’s really enough that the Al Qaeda attacks are making Islam sound more like a terrorist brand than the peaceful religion that it is.

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