Space Ads

Alexander Lavrynov, a russian spacecraft designer, has patented a device for putting advertising into space that would be seen from Earth.

He said the satellites would be visible in the night sky by employing sunlight reflectors, with multiple satellites linked together to create a message large enough to be seen.

“Space commercials could embrace huge areas and a colossal number of consumers,” he said. “This would literally be intercontinental coverage.”

“People would be able to see writing in the skies from the Earth no worse than they see the stars,” he said.

Shit !
Now, we’ll have ads and spam wherever we go.
Whenever we look up to the sky, wishing to find a romantic full moon, we’ll be greeted with yet another viagra or organ enlargement ad.

For God’s sake, leave our skies alone !
Don’t mess up the beauty of an open dark sky and it’s scattered pearly stars.

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