So John Kerry it is

So John Kerry has basically won the Democratic presidential nomination, with no serious challengers left ahead of him after John Edwards bowed out of the race.

Now, he has to start facing the hardest challenge of all, defeating Bush.
I think Bush is going to be a very hard President to unseat. Even though he’s not doing that well in recent polls and his popularity is only going down lately, I think he’s still able to turn things around and win the election.

So, John Kerry should be really smart and not expect the election to pass as easy as the primaries did.
He should be careful about what he’s saying. No more of that opinion switching he’s becoming famous for.
He should aggressively and intelligently debate Bush, hitting him where it will do the most damage.

Kerry is winning the nomination not because he’s the best option but because the people think he’s got the biggest chance of winning the presidency from Bush. But to win the presidency from Bush, he has to become the best option.

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