Resolution to condemn Yassin killing vetoed

As usual, whenever a resolution against Israel is brought up in the joke called the UN Security Council, you can always count on the US veto to save the day.

I don’t know why other countries even bother anymore !
It’s obvious the US would veto any resolution against Israel even if it were for an attack against the US itself.

Anyway, the veto this time was against the resolution condemning Israel’s assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.
Why ?
Because the US demand that the measure also condemn violence by Hamas and other militant groups by name.

The resolution “is silent about the terrorist atrocities committed by Hamas,” U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte said before the vote. He called the measure “unbalanced, one-sided.”

Well, here’s what I think, the only thing that is unbalanced and one-sided is the US and it’s policies !
Hamas’ activities are only a tiny fraction of the terrorism the Israeli state is involved in.

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