New living room on the way

For quite a while, my wife and I have been looking around for a good new living room.

And after checking out every cool furniture store in Tunis more than once, we finally narrowed it down to a couple of options.

Anyway, yesterday we went to the furniture fair taking place in the Kram Fair to see if there’s anything exceptional that we haven’t seen before. We looked around, found some nice stuff, but nothing too special.

In the end, we passed by the stand one of our options had setup and we saw the living room we had liked in the store.
We thought quickly, chose it for good, talked to the guy at the stand, chose the colours we wanted, agreed on the price, and ordered it.

Because of the high demand generated by the fair, it’s due to be ready in a couple of months.
I just can’t wait till it’s done and in our home for us to enjoy and feel comfy in.

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