Nasr TV

NASR TV, the first-ever private TV channel in Tunisia, will start broadcasting soon. In fact, I hear it should start broadcasting as soon as early summer this year.

The new TV station is going to be a general interest channel focusing mostly on entertainment programs and targeting a young audience according to Mr. Nasra, the channel’s Founder.
The channel will broadcast digitally on the Hotbird satellite around the clock, seven days a week.

Arabic will be the main language of the station, yet the use of foreign languages is considered for certain programs, such as tourism documentaries.

As a general interest channel, “Nasr TV” intends to provide viewers with a variety of programs: culture, entertainment, movies and series, game and children’s shows, women programs, sports, etc?

A total investment of 20 million dinars ($17 million) were injected to build state-of-the-art studio sets, located in La Soukra, a Tunis suburb.

Nasr TV’s business plan mainly depends on advertisement earnings/inflows, both local and foreign.

Part of the staff has been hired, and the rest (total of 150 employees) are being selected. Mr. Nasra made it a top priority to hire professionals from the Tunisian market, which I think is a great initiative.

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