Madrid Attacks Point at Al Qaeda, Overshadow Elections

So, it seems more and more evidence coming out each day is pointing to Al Qaeda as the ones responsible for the attack in Madrid.

Recently a tape was found saying it’s from Al Qaeda in which they claim responsibility for the attacks as a form of retaliation for Spanish cooperation during the US-led invasion of Iraq.

“This is an answer to your cooperation with the Bush criminals
and their allies. “

“This is an answer to crimes which you committed in the world, notably in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there will be more, so help us God.”

Which confirms my thoughts that use of power from both sides will only bring more use of power in return.
Use of force is never a good solution for anything. It maybe good momentarily but it has a lot of bad consequences on the long run.
The only way any problem can be solved is by addressing the reasons behind it, what keeps it alive and finding peaceful solutions to it.

Anyway, what’s really disgusting is what the Spanish government did.
They pinned the attack on ETA and tried to play down any possibility Al Qaeda was behind it because they knew people would blame them for the attacks if Al Qaeda were behind it as 90% of the people were against Spain going to war.
And of course, being on the doorstep of elections, they don’t want to go through all that and lose, so what do they do ? They lie and hide evidence and push investigations towards ETA.

Before voting booths opened, thousands of demonstrators flocked into the streets of Madrid and other cities to protest against the government’s response to Thursday’s bombings.

Some protesters accused Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar of provoking the attacks by supporting the US in its invasion of Iraq.

More than 3000 demonstrators shouted slogans such as “Resign” and “Kick Aznar Out!” beside the Atocha station, where two of the four trains exploded.

I sure wish this liar gets kicked out and that Bush and Blair follow.

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