Do I Hate Jews ?

Well, I just got the following email from some guy:

You know, for someone so obsessed by hating Jews, you should be more
careful to not quote them approvingly. There are web sites that’ll list
Jews for you, so you don’t have to contaminate your web site with their
quotes. I am sure you already know all the web sites that list Jews and
tell the real truth about how they are all out controlling the world
through their conspiracies and giving special sex-gum to Egyptian women
and poison wells and… well, I am not up to date on the latest lies
people like you enjoy spreading, but I am sure you can come up with

Anyway, I just wanted to warn you to be more careful — you know Jews
can see through walls, right?

Well, this guy is very mistaken. I do not hate jews.

If you check through my whole blog, you’ll never find me even hinting to hating jews. Because i simply do not.

On the other hand, I hate Zionists.
And there’s a very big difference.

All over the world there are Jews who dissaprove of what Zionists and Israelis are doing, and who want an end to the terrorism and violence they are causing.
All over the world there are Jews who live peacefully side by side with Muslims like brothers.
In fact, right here in Tunisia, we have an important Jewish minority who are living in great harmony with Muslims.

So, I’m not against Jews in any way, and I think it’s more than normal for me to quote a Jewish person if I feel like it and agree with what they have to say.

Anyway, it seems that just because I write some stuff against Israel, all of a sudden I’m being branded anti-Jewish, or no, that other fancy word: Anti-Semetic.

Well, sorry to dissapoint, but I’m really not !

As for the lies part: whatever !

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