Disney’s Toy Story 3 ?!

Disney is planning to make Toy Story 3 on its own as a theatrical feature after its deal with Pixar ends next year, Disney Studio Chairman Dick Cook said.

Cook did not rule out the possibility that the sequel might go directly to home video, but said, “My hunch is big screen.” He added: “I think it deserves it. These are two of the most beloved characters in the last generation. Buzz and Woody are fantastic characters, and I think that is something that would fit on the big screen nicely.”

Well, it’s true Toy Story 3 deserves to be big screen, and Buzz and Woody are great characters, but I just feel that without Pixar behind the wheel, this will be a miserable failure.

First of all, Disney suck big time in sequels. No Disney sequel has been even a fraction as good as the original.
Secondly, this is a Pixar creation, no one can do it better. They made a great first one and followed it with a great sequel.
Finally, I don’t think Disney’s 3D animations are anywhere as good as Pixars.

I think it’s a shame Disney are going to screw up something as great as Toy Story.

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