Arab League to Reform

So, it seems the Arab League is pledging to reform.

The news talk about the Arab foreign ministers having reached agreement on a formula to turn the Arab League into an organisation that would have greater international clout.
They say that the accord represents a “comprehensive project that covers all aspects of reform”.

An Arab League official said that the summit to be held in Tunis this year would probably launch economic reforms, such as forming an Arab economic bloc, as well as approve a mechanism for carrying out league decisions.

He added that plans to create a court of justice, a parliament, a Arab development bank and a cultural council would be postponed until some later date.

Well, I truly hope the Arab League gets it’s act together because it’s become nothing more than a joke. In fact, the only organization that is more useless than the United Nations is the Arab League.
So any kind of reform is very welcome and needed.

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