Arab Big Brother unplugged

Arab television channel MBC is temporarily pulling the plug on its Arabic version of the hit reality show Big Brother after accusations of indecency.

Still they say they will re-launch the show after relocating it to somewhere outside Bahrain where it was originally produced.

Protesters in Bahrain said that showing unmarried people living together offended Islam and Arab values, customs and morals.
Several hundred Islamists went out chanting “Stop Sin Brother! No to indecency!” against the show, which they deemed un-Islamic.

The show, aired across the Arab world by MBC, raised eyebrows despite efforts to take into account Muslim sensitivities. Separate living and sleeping quarters for male and female participants were introduced, as well as a prayer room.

What do I think ?
I understand what the people against it are thinking, but still I think it’s just a game, and as long as everyone is watching, they’re not really alone, and it’s quite ok.

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