2004 Bloggie Awards Results

Well, the results for the 2004 Bloggie Awards are out.

And, the big question is: did Subzero Blue win the award for Best African or Middle Eastern Blog or not ?

Did I ? or didn’t I ?

Well, you should ask yourselves that you bunch of non-voting readers, lol…

Yeah, I didn’t win it this time. Where is Raed ? did, as I expected.
Anyway, it feels great to have been nominated and to have passed to the finalist stage.

Hopefully next year I’ll run for more awards and maybe even win. who knows ?
It all depends on if you guys actually feel guilty and vote for me or not 😛

Congratulations to all the winners. Most of you deserved it 😛

For the full list of winners, go to: 2004 Bloggie Awards.

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