Tunisia 2004 : The Semi Finals

Yesterday were the semi finals of the African Cup of Nations, with 2 big matches between Tunisia and Nigeria, and with Morroco against Mali.

Tunisia’s match was at 4PM, during working hours, but there was no way we could miss a match like that. so we turned the TV on and got an antenna and we were ready to go.

Tunisia turned into a ghost country during the period of the match, with almost no one on the streets, and everyone was glued to their TV set.

The match was one of the most stressful matches I’ve ever seen. Tunisia played well and controlled the match but missed a lot of chances. And then came the false Nigerian penalty, and we went one under.
Happily, Tunisia got a penalty later on, scored and tied.
The rest of the match and the extra time went on (1-1), and it was time for the shootouts, and God was that scary.
The Tunisian goalie who had made a number of mistakes during the match managed to fix that by catching one of Nigeria’s shots, and the Tunisian shooters were successful at driving each ball in.
And so, after over 130 minutes of stress, Tunisia won and passed to the final on Saturday.

Hooooorrrraaaaaayyyyy 🙂

Anyway, in Sousse, a couple of driving hours away, Morroco and Mali started playing, in a match that turned out to be a big surprise, for me at least. I was expecting Mali to win easily over Morroco, but no that didn’t happen, in fact Morroco won (4-0) in what was mostly a one-sided match.

So, the final on saturday will be Tunisia vs. Morroco.
A winnable match for Tunisia if they focus, play as well as they played against Senegal and Nigeria, and if they put in the hard work needed to score.
Morroco has a tough team and even tougher goalie, so the Tunisian team should really work hard on this one.
I wish them all the luck and i really hope we win the cup 🙂

Nigeria and Mali will be playing on Friday for Third and Fourth place.

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