Tunisia 2004 : The Finals

So, today was the big day, and the Tunisia vs. Morroco match started at 3PM with millions of people’s hopes and dreams on the line.

Thousand of people a the stadium, thousands of others at different places watching the match on giant screens scattered around Tunisia and the rest pinned to their TV sets at home.

The match started, and everyone’s hearts started beating at abnormal rates, wishful but afraid of what’s to come.

It was obvious from the beginning that it was going to be a hard match, with both sides trying to take control of the game, but quickly Tunisia took over and pressed more and in the 5th minute the first goal came for Tunisia.
With a goal under their belts, the Tunisian team started playing with more confidence and ease, pressing even more and venturing even further into Morroco’s sacred 18m space, only to waste chance after chance.

Morroco shocked by the goal did everything they could to come back into the match and a mistake by the Tunisian defence gave them a gap to score their first goal.

The rest of the first part of the match was counter attack after counter attack with no resulting goals, and you could sense the stress on both sides.

After half time, the teams came back, and Tunisia pressed again to score their second goal after only 6 minutes.
Morroco pushed as hard as they could to come back into the match after this one, but the Tunisian defence and goalie just denied them that till the very end of the match, giving Tunisia a beautiful and precious win 🙂

Tunisia won the African Cup of Nations for the very first time in it’s history of football and they truly deserve it.
They played very well as a whole team and got better match after match both technically and physically.
I hope the Tunisian team goes on to bigger and better things, why not even the World Cup soon.

As for yesterday’s match between Nigeria and Mali, Nigeria won (2-1) and came in at third place.

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