The Truman Show

No, I didn’t see the movie again, it just crossed my mind again.

The Truman Show is one of my favourite movies, for the simple reason that i truly relate to it.
I didn’t go through the same experience of course or you’d have known about it for sure, but i thought about it a lot when i was a child.

There were times when I’d just think: what if all this is just a big show, a movie, plain and simple acting ?
What if all these people around me are just actors, playing their roles to give me a fake feeling that everything is normal ?

I don’t know what made me think that way sometimes, but it would occur to me very often.
Just like some kids were scared of turning out to be adopted, I was scared of my whole life turning out to be one hell of a big act.

I don’t remember when, how or why I grew out of it and stopped worrying. But when I come to think of it now, I don’t really feel that I was wrong, life really is a big act, and the people around us are just actors. We are just moving pieces on one big chess board.
Who’s watching ?
We watch each other. And God watches us all.

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