The Eid, As I Spent It

Well, we spent the Eid at my parent’s place just like last year. We ate a bunch of dishes all based on meat from the freshly sacrificed sheep and they were yummy delicious.

During lunch, Tunisia’s 3rd match was going on against Guinea, so we all watched that.
They ended up in a draw (1-1), and so Tunisia passes to the quarter finals at the top of it’s group.
The next match will be this next saturday against Senegal, which should be a hard but exciting match, i hope the national team get their acts together for that one.

After the match we went and visited my Grandmother’s, where we also found a bunch of my paternal uncles and aunts, and then we went to visit my maternal uncles and aunts.

After that, we just got ourselves home and watched 1/4 of a movie before falling asleep.

And, that was the Eid as I spent it.

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