Well, last Sunday morning, we woke up and we thought: Let’s go buy a receiver!

In the buildings we’re living in now, a number of satellite dishes are installed with wires going into each appartment, so all you need is a receiver and you can plug in and get all the glorious channels on the satellites the dishes point to.

After thinking about getting a whole installation of our own in the past, we thought we’d go for what’s available through the building now and then upgrade to something of our own later.

So, we went to the Moncef Bey Shopping Mall, lol, oh ok it’s just a big hectic market of some sort for stuff that is sold cheaper because it was brought in (legally or maybe even illegally) from Algeria or Libya.
Anyway, we looked around, bought a receiver and went home.

We only got it installed yesterday, but that’s a whole other story 😛
Anyway, I ended up spending last night doing what I always made fun of other people for doing, which is zapping through the channels without staying longer than a few seconds on each one.
I didn’t enjoy doing it, but it was necessary for me to do so to get to know what options I have and narrow down the scope to the channels that I find interesting and watch-worthy.
I’m still not sure I got anywhere last night, but at least I have a better idea of what’s there, where it is and what’s interesting to keep an eye on.

Ah, what a delight…
At last I’ve rejoined the world 😉

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