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On saturday, I watched the movie About Schmidt starring Jack Nicholson, and telling the story of a newly retired man and his feelings that he wasted his life.

This really got me thinking. Not as much about the meaning of life (even though i did think of that) as about retirement and life after it.
It made me think: Where am I going ? Where will I be in 35 years when I reach retirement age ? What will I have to show for all my working years ? Am I happy with my career right now ? What are my future career plans ? How am I going to grow professionally ? What direction should I move in ? …etc.
Question after question just rushed through my brain, making me think even more and even harder.

I know what I dream of, but are my dreams possible in reality ?
If yes, then what steps should I take to get there ?
Risk ? Well nothing comes easy, risk is always there, endless calculations and miscalculations of risk.

I can’t say I got to any final conclusions with my thoughts, it’s all still an ongoing effort, as is life itself.
All i know is that I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, although I know I could have accomplished a lot more if I put my mind to it, and that i’ve still got a lot of great things ahead waiting for me if God wills and I take the steps i should.

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