Ralph Nader is Running Again

So, what do you know ?
Ralph Nader is running for President again.

Doesn’t this guy get tired of ruining every election ? 😛

Well, in fact, I think he has all the right to. After all, that’s what democracy is all about, isn’t it ?
I agree with his opinion on the duopoly in American politics, and I truly think that the American voter should open up his mind to other parties and independent runners.

Why should the President be either a democrat or a republican ?
Why can’t he be anyone from any other party instead ?
I don’t think any outsider could screw things up more than some presidents from either of the 2 big parties have in the past.

Of course, Nader running could take voters away from either of the 2 big parties, but that’s only normal and should be factored into the democracy of .

Some people argue that he shouldn’t run if he knows he has no chance of winning, but I disagree. If everyone doesn’t run because they think they don’t have a chance for winning, then things will never change.

I think there should be more people like Nader out there, and I truly think the voters should consider them more seriously and listen to what they have to say.

I don’t really know what Nader’s policies are, nor what he would do as President, but I think it’s healthy for a democracy to have people like him.

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One thought on “Ralph Nader is Running Again”

  1. The bipatrtie political landscape in the US is inherently due to the majoritarian electoral system…

    Unlike proportional systems, the majoritarian one makes it impossible for a small party to grow bigger, and results in the appearance of two leading parties… Majoritarian and proportional systems, each has its pros and cons of course!

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