Mad Driving & Crazy Pedestrians

This is really killing me…
Everyday, on the streets, i’m faced with millions of mad drivers, people who look like they’ve just escaped from a mental hospital and who have one and only one goal in mind: to crash their cars into whatever obstacle in front of them.
I don’t get it. How did these people get driving licenses ? Why are they allowed to be out there on the streets ?
They’re psychos for god’s sake.

And the pedestrians ?
Oh please, i don’t want to even remember the pedestrians !
It seems they’re badly on something, sort of in a spiritual high, so high in fact they don’t even think of or fear death.
They throw themselves into the middle of a highway without even caring to look and just walk across so slowly, as if they were walking down the aisle on their wedding day, and should you even dare to honk your horn you’ll get one hell of a look and a long list of swearing to follow.

The roads are becoming an everyday hell that i have to pass through everyday. And sometimes i just barely resist the temptation to simply let go and bring my Grand Theft Auto game-playing skills to reality 😛
Now that would be a blast 😉

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