Exposure, Voyeurism, Stalking…

Something that comes to my mind quite often is how much some people expose themselves on their personal blogs.
They talk about so many aspects of their everyday lives, their thoughts and so much more, and it’s all so normal. They know that anybody and everybody can read it, and yet it satisfies them to write it and know that someone is out there reading it.

And then i look at it from the reader point of view, and i realize that we all sort of have this hidden voyeur inside of us, and that we like reading about and going into other people’s lives and thoughts whether it’s through a blog, biography, movie or whatever else.
It’s so normal to us.

Another thought that arises though is: If a blog reader becomes a frequent and loyal reader to a blog, couldn’t that somehow be considered as stalking ?

Will there be a day when we hear of some blogger getting a restraining order against a blog reader to stay away from his blog because of that reader stalking him ?

You never know, huh ?
In this weird world, everything is possible.

PS: Don’t worry, you can keep coming back to this blog as often as you wish, i won’t be taking you to court for it 😉
PS2: This blog’s title should sure get some sex-surfers to pass by here, don’t you think ? 😛 Won’t they be dissapointed, lol…

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