Everyday : Dave Matthews Band

Every now and then, I like to try music from some artist or group I don’t know or from a style I’m not really into, just for the sake of it.

And, last week, I was presented with a chance of this kind. Carrefour were getting rid of the CDs that weren’t getting sold by making them dirt cheap. I looked around and found the Dave Matthews Band album Everyday for sale for $1 only. So, i thought, what the hell, I’ll just get it.

I’ve heard of the Dave Matthews Band before, and have even heard bits and parts of their music on TV or in a soundtrack or elsewhere, but I never heard a full song or album by them.

So, I bought the album, threw into my car’s cd player and listened. I wasn’t in the mood for it that day, so after a few seconds, I simply turned it off.
Anyway, these past days, on my way to work and back, I’ve been playing it a lot, and I have to say, I really like it.
I don’t think it’ll make it into my favourite albums list, but still it’s got some really cool and enjoyable stuff on it, and I think it will stay on my playlist for a while.

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