Enough about Janet Jackson already

I’ve really had enough about Janet Jackson and her boob flash at the Super Bowl.
Wherever i go online, all i find is more and more talk and pics about Janet and her tits.

What is it with people ?
What’s so disturbing in an accidental boob flash ?
Movies, TV ads, magazines and the internet always show women’s breasts intentionally, but no one ever complained.

Little kids were watching ?
So ?
Do you really think that’s the first time they’ve seen one ?
With all the movies, satellite channels, internet sites, …etc
For god’s sake, they can even see them in the streets if they know where to look 😛

Of course, i don’t think it’s a good thing to have some singer flash her boob on live television, but it happened, she said it was accidental, she said sorry, Justin Timberlake said sorry, that’s it, move on, no need for such a big fuss.

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

4 thoughts on “Enough about Janet Jackson already”

  1. I think the issue is alot of people dont think it was accidental.. even so i dont see why they should care..

    i’ve just been putting it down to crazy americans

  2. Even if.
    I mean, let’s say they did it on purpose. They saw Madonna and Britney do the French kiss and they said, let’s out-do them, let’s flash a boob, and they did it.
    So what ?

    People would rather they and their children see 2 barely dressed women french kiss on TV than a boring naked boob ?
    Ok, let them have it their way. they both said sorry.

    That’s it, the matter should end there.

    I really don’t understand these people these days.

  3. “Do you really think that’s the first time they’ve seen one ?”

    Hey, we are talking about America here. Breast feeding is far from universal there (breast feeding in a public place can get you in trouble in some parts of the country) and so many children probably haven’t ever seen a breast in the context you were (I think) implying.

    This is just one of those really pathetic aspects of American culture. You’d think they don’t have the largest pornography market on the planet by the way they act.

    But don’t think I’m just some garden variety anti-american talking trash out of some ill-conceived misunderstanding of the place. I was born there. Lived there for thirty-six years. I don’t now, but I did…

  4. Bloggers like to discuss Janet and her breast because it increases their Google hits. It’s the top search query, or it least it was for a while.

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