Enough about Janet Jackson already

I’ve really had enough about Janet Jackson and her boob flash at the Super Bowl.
Wherever i go online, all i find is more and more talk and pics about Janet and her tits.

What is it with people ?
What’s so disturbing in an accidental boob flash ?
Movies, TV ads, magazines and the internet always show women’s breasts intentionally, but no one ever complained.

Little kids were watching ?
So ?
Do you really think that’s the first time they’ve seen one ?
With all the movies, satellite channels, internet sites, …etc
For god’s sake, they can even see them in the streets if they know where to look 😛

Of course, i don’t think it’s a good thing to have some singer flash her boob on live television, but it happened, she said it was accidental, she said sorry, Justin Timberlake said sorry, that’s it, move on, no need for such a big fuss.

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