Dean Out Of Race

So Howard Dean is out of the US presidential race.
I heard it last night on CNN, and I can’t say I was shocked. After the wins John Kerry has been packing under his belt, I was expecting Dean to pull out.

It’s a shame, I think. Dean was the only person who was thinking the right way and who really wanted and could make a change.

Now, John Kerry and John Edwards are left in the race, and it’s almost obvious Kerry is going to get the nomination.

I haven’t posted my opinion about Kerry before, so here it is.
I think Kerry is just another special interests driven politician who won’t really bring much new or change.
Of course, lining up with the Anyone But Bush Americans, I think he should become President of the US.
But honestly, I think the US needs a President who can make a change for the American people and the world. Someone who is in touch with what the people need and what their priorities are. Someone who can keep the US the greatest power but also make it respected and loved.
I felt Howard Dean could make a step towards something like that.

Anyway, Good luck to whoever wins the nomination.

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