CIA Iraqi Rewards Program

How wonderful, intelligent, innovative, desperate and pathetic !

The CIA, the great agency that supposedly knows everything and that was 1000% sure that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction, and even claimed to know exactly where they were is now giving up it’s macho act and showing that they basically know nothing at all.

It has posted a little form on their website called the Iraqi Rewards Program for people (snitches) to submit whatever tips on WMD locations or other Iraq related intelligence.

They say the form is secure and confidential, but who knows, if they find your information to be interesting enough you just might hit the jackpot and find yourself in the next dark cell or aboard the quickest flight to Guantanamo and your face on the front page of every newspaper and website.

Interested ? Here’s the Iraqi Rewards Program.

[via Boing Boing]

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