So, my wife’s blog has a new cooler design.

Yes, you read right. My wife has a blog too, and it’s been on my blogroll for quite some time, without anyone knowing it’s my wife’s blog.

Well, almost no one.
Jalan-Jalan found out using his sherlock holmes hat and skills, and I told Houssein about it when we met in Tunis last year.

Why was it kept secret ?
It wasn’t, we just didn’t mention the relation between our blogs directly.

So, interested in some strongly voiced opinions ?
If yes, then AquaCool is the blog for you.

  • oranginaaa

    well, i know tafeeleh is somehow close to karak, but that doesn’t mean anything!!
    well i knew :p

  • Houssein

    I knew it :) you told me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Zoom_zoom

    Well, she writes better than you
    LOL joking
    She has good ideas though, I wondered why u got married to her..

  • MMM

    Well, she does write better than me.

    As for why I got married to her.
    Who are you to wonder about it ?
    Rest your mind because it truly is none of your business.

  • Eman

    No one writes better than MMM, you’re the best :)

  • beta-blogger

    Happy blogging to you both. I read in your blogs that you’re so much in love with each other. Both your blogs are wonderful to read.
    Your friend with the deer-stalker @ Jalan-Jalan :)