Along with the albums on the sidebar under “Listening To”, I’ve also been listening to Shania Twain’s latest album UP!.

The album comes on two discs. Disc one known as the Red Disc has all the songs in their regular pop versions, while Disc two known as the Blue Disc has the same songs in their World / Rhythmic Sound mix versions.

I have to say that hearing the Red disc, i liked the album, but after hearing the Blue disc, i just loved it.

It’s got so many middle eastern and eastern sounds in it, it’s great.
My favourite song is UP!, although each and every song is beautiful and awesome.

This is one of Shania’s best pieces of work.
Rock on girl…

I hear the US version of the album has a Red & Green disc not a Blue disc. The Green disc has country versions of the songs.
I’m not really into country, but even if you are, you still have to get the Blue disc.

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