Tunisian Ghost Story

I just remembered this ghost story that supposedly happened in Tunisia. It’s quite a well-known one, and i first heard it when i was a kid.

I have no idea what reminded me of this, but i remember this and other stories like it nearly made me shit my pants as a child, lol…

The story goes as follows:

This guy was out for a night walk in downtown Tunis and as he passed by one of the Belvedere Park’s gates, he saw this good looking girl all alone and feeling cold.
So, he walks up to her and gives her his jacket and starts talking to her and all.

They ended up spending the night together, and then he took her home to her parents’ place.

The following morning, he remembers he never got his jacket back from her, so he passes by her parents’ place to get it, and her mom tells him that it’s impossible because her daughter had been dead for years.

So he asks where she was buried and he goes to her grave. And there, lying on the girl’s grave was his jacket.

Quite creepy, huh ?

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