Tunisia 2004 : Opening Ceremony & Match

So, i was able to catch the opening ceremony and the opening match of the African Cup of Nations on TV this past saturday, and well i have to admit that the ceremony was quite a really good one.

The music was great and so was everything that came with it.
A very good effort that deserves applause.

The match that followed between Tunisia and Rwanda was ok. Tunisia scored first, with Rwanda coming back a few minutes later, and Tunisia ended it with the winning goal near the end of the match.
All in all, the team’s levels was pretty close and i honestly think they both could do better.
Anyway, the result is good for Tunisia, and hopefully this win will push them forward and give them more courage to fight harder and win in the next matches.

As one of the commentators said during the opening ceremony: The opening ceremony was a great one, and hopefully Tunisia can do a great job and win the cup giving us another great ceremony at the end of it.

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