Tunisia 2004 : African Cup of Nations

Tunisie 2004So tomorrow is the opening ceremony for Tunisia 2004, the African Cup of Nations.
I expect it to be quite cool as the same people who worked on the Korea Japan 2002 opening ceremony are working on this one.
I’m not going to the stadium, but i’ll surely try to catch it on TV.
The opening match is Tunisia vs. Rwanda.

I’m not much of a football fan really, and i only watch a few world level matches from the World Cup or the Euro, so basically, i’m not going to the stadium for any of the games, but i’m going to try to watch all the Tunisian matches from home.

I hope our Tunisian team does well. I’ve seen them play in some friendly matches lately, and they have the abilities to come out with a really good result. I think that all they need is a bit of focus and more courage to push up front and take the chances needed to score.

This is the official CAN 2004 website.
I love the logo for Tunisie 2004, but i don’t like the CAN site’s design and i hate the mascott.

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