The Big Eid

Well, the big Eid (as we call it) or more formally Eid El Idh’ha is just around the corner (this weekend), and just like every year, everyone has gone sheep crazy.

The big Eid comes with the end of the Hajj, and is the day in which muslims worldwide sacrifice sheep in commemoration of the prophet Abraham’s story with his son.
They’re supposed to take half of the sacrificed sheep for themselves and donate the other half to the poor.

But in the world of today, this day has become a contest between people on who gets the biggest sheep and is more like a mad eating marathon after which people end up stuffed with meat and sometimes even being treated in hospitals.

I still have no plans for the day, although i’m sure i won’t be buying or sacrificing any sheep.
I’ll most probably be spending it with my wife at my parent’s place or something.

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