Software Piracy

On his blog, Nick Bradbury, the Man behind TopStyle, HomeSite and FeedDemon tells his story of software piracy and how the little independent developer is affected.

It is very interesting and counters the claims by most people that they’re only stealing from rich mega-corporations that screw their customers, and shows that the people who are hurt the most by piracy are the small independent shareware developers.

Being a developer myself, i’ve often thought about this issue and about the effects it could have. And i totally agree that the people who really get hit hard are the small companies and independent developers who can’t afford to keep going in and out of courts filing lawsuits against wrong-doers.
A consequence of this is that more and more companies and developers will end up losing financially and will quit developing altogether, and so we’ll have both less innovation and creative programs as well as more and more jobless developers pulling down our wages and the economy alltogether.

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