Social Networking Nonsense

Ok, call me whatever you want to call me, but i just don’t get this whole social networking thingie.
What’s the use ? Why does everyone think it’s cool ? Why is everyone so mad about it ?
I can’t find one good answer to any of these questions.

The concept’s been around for ages, and i’ve tried it out more than once, but everytime i never really found any good in it.

Six Degrees, LinkedIn, Orkut, Friendster, Tribe and the list goes on and on and on. Why ?

Why would anybody need to see a virtual representation of his network of friends, his friends’ friends and so forth ?
It’s totally useless and a big waste of time.

A way to make new friends ? Your friend’s friends aren’t necessarily your friends and your friend’s enemies aren’t necessarily your enemies. so what’s the point ?

A way to see how many degrees of seperation there are between you and the hot chick next door ? Don’t bother, you’re never gonna get her anyways !

A way to re-assure your complex self that you have friends ?
You need a shrink for God’s sake not a social networking site.

I’m ready to pay anyone who convinces me of the use of stuff like this.
Anyone interested ?

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