Shopping vs. Buying

I really think shopping and buying are totally different things.
I hate doing both, but they’re very different.

Shopping is when you go out with no specific goal and you just go around from shop to shop, wasting time and looking around with the possibility that you might find something you like and that you just might buy it.

Buying is when you go out with something very specific in mind, and you go from shop to shop looking for it to buy.

So, if you take this idea one step further, people can be classified in 2 kinds: The Shoppers and The Buyers.
As for me, I’m a radical Buyer.
I go out with something very specific in mind, and i try my very best to buy it from the first shop i go to.

Yesterday, i went out to buy a new pair of eyeglasses (at last), and luckily all the optics shops were closing (i don’t get it, these people shut down earlier than chicken).
Anyway, i only found one optics shop open, and so i went in with the will to buy and get over with it all.
Maybe i should have waited and checked out some other shops today and all, but well, being myself i just had to rush and buy them yesterday from that first shop.

So it’s done, i have some new eyeglasses that will be ready by the end of the week. They’re very different from the ones i have now, so they’ll really change my look a lot, and even though i liked them for a fraction of a second yesterday and was convinced to buy them, i’m not sure how i feel about them now.
I just hope i don’t end up looking like a dumbass because they weren’t cheap, lol…

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