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Recently, i’ve gone back to playing around with programming at home and trying out things that are either new or that i’ve always wanted to try but never had time to. And lately i’ve been playing around with Cold Fusion MX 6.1 and it’s Cold Fusion Components as well as it’s xml capabilities.

ColdFusion, i feel, is somehow the Apple of web programming languages, without the problems that come with Apple’s products. It’s great, it’s easy, it’s fast, it gives you the best time-to-market, but still it’s not as widely used as the rest of the web programming languages out there.

Anyway, Cold Fusion Components (CFCs), are simply great. They must be the easiest and fastest way to create a web service / class.
In ASP.NET C#, it’s really easy too, and i really like how it’s done there. But ColdFusion’s syntax which is so web-like makes it more intuitive.

I’m actually playing around with organizing / layering my code and creating different tiers using custom tags, includes, CFCs/WebServices and some xml files. And i’m getting really good stuff out of it. If i get to put more effort into this, i think i’ll be able to turn it into some sort of framework / methodology.
I’m also interested in trying out the same stuff with C# & ASP.NET.

Something else i’m looking forward to trying out is the ability to merge and cross between using ColdFusion & Java/JSP.
Ever since ColdFusion MX, Cold Fusion (CF) has become a layer on top of a Java App. Server, giving it more power and stability, and opening it up to use of Java classes, beans and JSPs.
I haven’t had the chance to test all that out and get something running as a hybrid CF/JSP app yet, but hopefully i will soon.
What’s so cool about the idea is that you could do all the classes and data-crunching using Java, and build the interface that consumes those classes and serves as a fa

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