PC’ing an Apple G5

Well, i’m no Apple fan, and i’d most probably get lumps all over my body if i were forced to work with an Apple machine for a long time, but still i believe that nobody should mingle with one and screw it up the way this guy did.
Once a machine is sealed, it’s sacred, and you only open it up to either fix it or make it more powerful, but you don’t do this:

I got a shiny new Apple G5 for Christmas. I loved the case, but I’m no Mac user. So I….

  • Get a brand new dual processor G5, then
  • Rip out everything,
  • Cut out the back of the case so I can use a PC motherboard, and
  • Install an Athlon motherboard.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure G5 is a great computer, but I wanted a Dell for Christmas. I don’t have any programs for Apple and didn’t feel like waiting for them. I thought about selling it, but my parents would be upset with me. After all, this was a very expensive gift and it meant a lot to them to give to me.

It’s a good thing my parents don’t know anything about computers, because I’m sure they would be really angry if they knew what I did. I have to say that I’m happy – I can keep on using XP.

This is as bad as genetically screwing up a human being.

Here’s a pic of the before and after:

G5 Wrecked

What a shame !

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4 thoughts on “PC’ing an Apple G5”

  1. I was given an Apple iBook once to work on a book but it jammed and locked and stalled, and everything it could do it did just to make me angry. So I had to go out and buy a reconditioned Toshiba laptop which I’ve been using until very recently. So, like you, I’m no Apple fan either. Blog on bro & Eid Mubarak. God bless!

  2. This is crazy. Why gut a perfectly good machine to make another? It would make much more sense to return the G5 and purchase a pc rather then wreck the G5 in hopes of modifying the box to support a pc platform. People can be so silly. πŸ™‚ I love your site! I hope to visit your country some time this year. Have a great weekend.

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