Me, a Vegan (NOT !)

Well, yesterday, as i dragged my exhausted and extremely hungry self home from work, and as i was going into our building, i noticed we had something in the mail.
I thought it was either gonna be the greeting cards we’ve been waiting for ever since before New Years or Tunisie Telecom telling me that they’re coming to install my phone line.
Needless to say it was neither, instead i found a little PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) vegetarian starter kit, some sort of magazine that aims to convince me to become a vegan and give up eating meat.

I had ordered the starter kit a while ago out of curiosity and i was interested in seeing what would be in it and how they would try to convince me to quit meat-eating.

I’m sorry to say this, and i mean no offense to vegans, vegetarians or to PETA, but this whole thing is really nonsense.
Some of the reasons given for not eating this or that are so dumb and use a very twisted logic.

I’m totally for the protection of animals against all forms of bad treatment and i totally support the efforts to stop hunting down animals for furs, fun and other cruel reasons.
But i also think that some animals were created to produce things that we can use for our everyday life, things like: eggs, milk, silk, wool and even meat.

Anyway, after going through the whole kit, i am more of a meat-eater than ever before; there’s no way i’m gonna quit eating meat, drinking milk or whatever else these guys want me to quit for the reasons they wrote.
I’m not gonna go eat fake mock meat, soya whatever or tofu rubbish that tastes like shit when i can have a juicy steak, chicken tikka or a milk shake.

And to stress my point and my commitment to meat-eating, i went out last night for a good delicious meal at Baguette & Baguette, where i had a Chicken Burger and a Hamburger (actually Cow meat burger in muslim countries), and it was very very Yummy 😛

I also ate some really great french fries. But hey wait a sec ? Don’t vegetables have feelings ? They’re alive creatures too, aren’t they ?
Maybe someone should think of starting PETVF = People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables & Fruits 😛

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