Car Sounds

The other day, on our way home and as were stopped at a traffic light, a taxi stopped next to us and the driver pulled up the hand break.
Automatically, and by the sound of the hand break, i told my wife it was a Peugeot 205, and it was.
Of course, i know the sound of a Peugeout 205 hand break and engine because my dad has one and i’ve driven it quite a number of times, and in fact crashed it quite a few times too 😛

But, that reminded me of this game i used to play with my friends of childhood in Zimbabwe.
After school, and while we were waiting for our parents to come pick us up, we’d stand with our backs to the parking, and we’d try to guess what type the cars entering were by their sounds.
With time, we actually got to guess most of them right away by the sound of the engine.

I’m quite sure our ability to guess cars from their sounds never added anything to us or helped us in anything in anyway, but still it was fun, and it was our special game 🙂

I think it’s really interesting how children can be so creative in making up new games and creating new ways to have fun and enjoy themselves.
I wish we could carry that same spirit of fun and creativity with us throughout our whole lives, it would really be so great and helpful.

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