Back to Outlook

Every once in a while i find myself making a switch of email client from Outlook Express to the more sophisticated Outlook, only to jump back to good old Outlook Express after a few days.

Yesterday evening i decided to make the switch again.

Usually, what pushed me to switch in the past are the task-planning, note-taking and calendar features of Outlook. But after a while, i’d take those features for granted and i’d get pissed off because i can’t see a preview of attached pictures in an email, so i switch back to Outlook telling myself i don’t need something so sophisticated for a task as easy as reading emails.

Anyway, what triggered yesterday’s switch is the fact that i found a plugin for Outlook that enables me to read my RSS feeds in it too.
So, now Outlook is an email client, a RSS reader, a calendar and a task planner, which sounds great.
So, i’ve imported my emails into Outlook for the zillionth time and am currently getting used to it again.
Who knows, maybe this time my emails will stay in it longer than usual 😛

People who are interested in getting this cool RSS reading plugin for Outlook, here’s the site: intraVnews.

PS: Other than switching to Outlook and jumping back to Outlook Express, i’ve also made some other sprints through Mozilla’s email client, Eudora, Opera’s email client, …etc. But Outlook Express always suited me better.

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