10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Yesterday, as i was driving home, i assembled a list of the 10 things i can’t live without these days.
Here’s the list i came up with:

  1. My Wife: Romantic, huh ? Well, it’s true 🙂
  2. My Family: Even though i might not show it a lot, but still family is very important thing to me.
  3. A computer: I’d go mad without one.
  4. An internet connection: I’d start itching all over if i lose this.
  5. My blog: My brain online, how could i live without that ?
  6. Music: The soundtrack to my life, without it, the world would be so dull.
  7. Movies: My number one fun thing to do and enjoy.
  8. My Car: I’m crippled without it.
  9. My Paycheck: Money, money, money. I hate to need it, but we all do.
  10. My Home: Where the hell am i gonna crash at night if i don’t have that ?

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