US Strategy in Iraq

“You have to understand the Arab mind. The only thing they understand is force – force, pride and saving face.”
Captain Todd Brown

So, is that right ?
And why do Arabs only understand when they’re treated by force ?
Are they too dumb to talk with you and understand ?
Or is it that you simply don’t want to talk, and it’s easier for you to just use force and push them around as you wish ?
Force is met with force, and reason is met with reason, so if the only thing you find is force, then just look at what you’re doing and you’ll see why.
As for the pride part, it’s true, they are very proud of who they are and where they come from, and no one can shake that no matter what.
Saving face ? i think the only people who should be trying to save face now are the US administration after the big mess they’ve made.

With a heavy dose of fear and violence, and a lot of money for projects, I think we can convince these people that we are here to help them.
Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Sassaman

That’s maybe the dumbest thing i’ve read in a long time.
So you come into someone’s country, you tear down his house, kill his family, and put a fence around him, deny him his simplest rights, then wave around some money he’ll never get, and you expect him to think you’re there to help him ?
What kind of sick twisted logic is that ?
Wake up !

And now, to top it all, they’re taking lessons from Israel, the number one terrorist state, using tougher tactics, building fences and walls around villages and towns as well as destroying homes and buildings they suspect Iraqis are planning against them in.
“… we recently traveled to Israel to glean lessons learned from their counterterrorist operations in urban areas.”
Brig. Gen. Michael A. Vane

Interesting insight into the strategy of the world’s most famous democracy and peacemaker in a country they supposedly went to liberate and help.

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