Thikra Mohamed R.I.P

I didn’t blog about this when it happened a few days ago, as i thought it was better to let the whole thing sink in and wait for the story to become clearer.

Thikra Mohamed, or as she was called in Egypt Zekra, a female Tunisian singer living in Egypt, was shot dead on Friday by her Egyptian husband, who shot her, her secretary, her business manager and then committed suicide.

It was circulated that the husband was drunk when he committed the crimes, but recent evidence proves that the whole thing was planned in advance.
And just a look at the details of the crime confirm that; she received 26 bullets, her secretary 22, and the business manager 18 before they passed away.
And then the husband changed the gun to kill himself.
That doesn’t sound like something you just do all of a sudden just because you’re drunk, it’s obvious it was planned.
He also left his brother a letter requesting him to smuggle all his money outside Egypt and sell all his lands and flee the country.

Thikra’s corpse was flown back to Tunisia to be buried in the Sidi Yahia burial grounds.
A large group of Arab artists and Tunisian figures attended the funeral.

Thikra’s singing career was a good and successful one. She started in Tunisia and then moved to Egypt where she found true fame across the arab world.
Her tragedic death came at the height of her career life, and is a true loss for the Tunisian and Arab music scene.

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