The Return Of The King

rotk.jpgNow, that was WOOOOW !
One of the greatest movies of all time.

Last night, i finally got to cool my itching desire to watch The Return Of The King, and well, it was awesome to say the least.
It’s a great end to the trilogy, and most probably the best of the three movie, although it’s a bit hard to compare, they’re all perfect.

The battles were great as usual, the effects dazzling, the actors amazing, the landscapes breathtaking and everything all so grand.

Although it was longer than your average movie, it didn’t lose my attention for one second, and i was connected and excited throughout it all.

I hear the Extended DVD version will be even longer, running at 4h:50m.
I hope i can get my hands on those extended DVD versions of the trilogy. I think i could actually sit through them all non-stop 🙂
Don’t believe me ? Just send them over and i’ll prove it 😛

Anyway, to end it all, i would just like to say that anyone who hasn’t watched these 3 epic movies has missed 3 of the best experiences cinema has ever offered.

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