The Growing Web

The Pew Internet and American Life Project began chronicling the internet in March 2000. Back then 52 million Americans logged onto the Internet each day. By this past August, that figure had swelled 27 percent, to 66 million.

Now, for the first time, the Internet research project by the nonprofit Pew Charitable Trusts has done a comparative analysis of the data collected since the project?s inception. In a report released last week, there was ample evidence that the Internet has become mainstream.
DOH ?! Now that’s one hell of a discovery ! You’d never know if they didn’t tell ya, huh ?

Anyway, here’s an interesting table on the fastest growing online activities.

Other than the facts in it being interesting, what i find amazing is comparing these numbers to numbers i expect we would get in Tunisia.

Now although, we do have and use all the online services mentioned above, but still their adoption rate is not as high as the numbers in the US.

Sadly, the internet is still not as mainstream over here as i wish it would be.

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