The Final Decision

Last night, a new game show started on Tunisian TV, which i have to say is the best game show i’ve ever seen on Tunisian TV in my whole life.

The show is called “The Final Decision”, and it’s kind of a hybrid of “Who wants to be a millionaire ?” & “The Weakest Link”.
The grand prize is 200 Thousand Dinars, which is pretty neat, i don’t think any other Tunisian game show threw away that much money, but well i just said it they’re Tunisians, so they’re not gonna just throw that away, they’re gonna make it damn hard and frustrating to get it.

The game starts with 6 contestants who are asked a number of multiple choice questions. The person who answers right the fastest gets to give any other player a yellow card, and if he answers wrong, he himself gets a yellow card. And of course, just like in football, 2 yellow cards means they’re out of the game.
This goes on until only 2 players are left, and they move on to the next round.

In the second round, each player is joined by a partner, and they are each asked 5 multiple choice questions. Each question has a value of 40000 Dinars, and they can split that 40000 and bet it on different answers if they’re not sure.
In the end of round 2, there’s another fastest answering question that decides who moves on to the final round.

The final round is all about putting your money where your mouth is, which is very frustrating and nerve wrecking.
The contestant and his partner are seperated, and the contestant has to answer 5 multiple choice questions, betting his money on the answers he thinks are right, and losing any money he bets on a wrong answer.
The partner has only one chance to veto the contestant’s answer, and if they do, they have to answer the rest of the questions alone.

Yesterday was the first show, and a young couple won. They got out of round 2 with 160000 Dinars, and lost most of it in the final round, only winning 15000 Dinars at the end.

The questions are mostly general knowledge questions and they aren’t that hard. But then again, home spectators always think so 😛

I think it’s really great and fun, and i’m truly considering giving it a shot.
Maybe, just maybe, i could get out of it with a nice amount of money 🙂

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