Saddam Hussein Down

So Saddam Hussein has finally been captured.

I was a bit surprised and shocked by the news yesterday, not because i like Saddam, but because i wasn’t expecting him to be caught at all.

Anyway, i think it’s good he was caught and that he will be put on trial for all the crimes he did. I knew a lot of people in Jordan who were from Iraq, and i’ve heard my share of stories about life in Iraq and how Saddam and his sons were treating the people.
Of course, there were equally as much stories about the disastrous life people were living because of what the US did to them and because of it’s sanctions.

After months and months of search, he’s been caught, giving the US administration something to try and brag about.
BUT, wait a second, this whole war wasn’t about Saddam in the first place, it was about weapons of mass destruction. Weapons that were never found and never will be.
So even though it’s good that Saddam is gone, it doesn’t change the fact that the war was one big lie, and that they’re trying to cover it up by using Saddam as a scapegoat.

The only problem is that catching him nearly means nothing; from what the news are saying attacks are still happening, Iraq is still one big mess, the people still want the US to get out of there (people of both the US & Iraq) !
So, it seems like it’s no big deal, just a big media story, but one that means nothing at all.

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