Michael Jackson turns Jacko X

Well, well, well, It turns out that rumour i heard about Michael Jackson converting to Islam was not a rumour after all.

New York:
“Michael Jackson became a member of the black group Nation of Islam, the New York Post tabloid reported.
The newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying that Jackson became a member of the black Muslim organisation led by Louis Farrakhan on Wednesday night. “The King of Pop is restyling himself Jacko X”. Farrakhan?s organisation, which is controversial because of its leaders? anti-Jewish declarations, would not comment on the report. Jermaine Jackson, another ex-member of the Jackson Five family group, converted to Islam in 1989.”

Now, even though this would be good news under other circumstances, as Michael has a big fanbase, and his converting to Islam could motivate his fans to learn more about Islam and check it out seriously.
But under the current circumstances in which he’s being charged for child molestation, it’s not really the best of times.

I think it kind of gives Islam a bad reputation that people like Michael Jackson or Mike Tyson convert to Islam when they’re in bad situations like these. Michael when he’s being charged for child molestation and Tyson after he was put in jail.
It could get people thinking that Islam is a religion for bad people which is so very untrue.

I won’t say it’s wrong or bad that Michael is converting, it can only be good news, it’s just that the timing is a bit sticky.

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[Update: It seems this information is not entirely true. Michael Jackson did ally himself with the Nation of Islam, but it’s not sure whether he converted to Islam or not.]

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