Freezing Cold

It’s unbelievable.
Just this past Sunday, i was wondering how weird it was that winter hadn’t started yet, even though we were well into December.

And KABAAM!, i wake up the following morning and it’s freezing cold.

Ok, it doesn’t snow that often in Tunisia, and the only places it does are in the North-West of the country. So maybe it’s easy to think it’s not as cold as other countries that are always covered in snow, but well i disagree.
Tunisia is a coastal country with the mediterranean sea as most of it’s North and East side borders, which gives the coastal regions a certain level of humidity, that when combined with bitter cold goes straight to the bones and then introduces the ass-freezing syndrome we all suffer from 😛

Good thing is that our new home is kind of warm. And even in this cold weather, we still haven’t needed to use the heaters.
But the problem is when you’re outside, and no matter how much you’re wearing, you’re certainly gonna be feeling the painful bite of the winter.

Anyway, i still prefer winter over summer. In winter at least you can keep throwing on extra clothes until you feel warm. In the summer, you keep on taking off clothes, but then you’re naked and there’s nothing else to take off and you’re still dying from the heat.
So give me a winter anytime of the year, and take away those damned hot days of summer.

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