Free PC, Nasty Catch

A British company is offering a brand-new computer for free to every UK household and even promising to replace it with a new machine after three years.

The catch ?
London-based Metronomy says that in return for a free IBM personal computer worth 800 pounds ($1,400 U.S.), customers will have to bear with one minute of on-screen advertising for every 20 minutes of computer use.

And each household will have to use the computer for at least 30 hours a month (about an hour a day).

Ouch !
Now that is a true pain in the neck and a bunch of other places.
I don’t think i’d manage to stay sane having to watch a 1 minute ad every 20 minutes. I’d end up throwing the damn thing out the window.
But i imagine a lot of people would be interested in this offer.

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